About the importance of foreplay


In a relationship, whether we like it or not recunoasteam, sex is very important, and those who deny this, definitely don't get along very well in bed. It is important to know that by having sex, we don't just enjoy the physical pleasure, but some feelings taken to an extreme, attention total of our partner and love it. The prelude is perhaps the most important step, and many say that this is the step that makes the difference between love and sex. The statement is true to some extent, but I don't want to go into such details.

I'll try to give 3 reasons for which I believe foreplay is very important:

1. Fantasy is started at this point

When you're gripped by all the attention your partner's, and his hands wander down your body while kissing you passionately, you can't help but think about how far you could get at that point. You'll be filled with pleasure and you will want increasingly more.

2. The muscles are give relaxing and contracting at the same time

When you're filled with pleasure, your muscles will enter a state rarely encountered. They will relax partially, but will still be ready to react when the situation requires it. Your body will feel amazingly good, but all the worries and stress will disappear for the moment.

3. It resembles the orgasm

The foreplay is almost as important as the orgasm, the pleasure is similar in both situations.